Our Junior Architect Program allows students to express themselves in 3D, creating their own cities, museums, stadiums...or even Jurassic Park Islands.

ABOVE: St Basil's Cathedral

The Eiffel Tower constructed from reeds and toothpicks... A skyscraper with a working elevator


Build the sports stadiums of your favorite teams...



 Jr. Architecture Career Camps

Our Jr. Architects Career Camp visits the new Cathedral Construction site near NC State...an amazing opportunity to see the construction process first hand. This was the first Cathedral built in the US in 100 years.   http://www.holynamecathedralnc.org/


More Camp photos..

Close up views of Jurassic Dino-Island...


and the architects sharing their project with the class at the end of the week.



Design and build your own Hockey Arena!


  We also incorporate some engineering challenges like:

"Egg Drop" projects where students design a structure to protect an egg in a one-story drop 

Building a bridge out of popsicle sticks, to see how much weight it can handle before collapsing.


Learn about the history of local architecture. Student work from the RHDC (Raleigh Historic Development Commission on display at Marbles Museum.


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