Create your own custom Art Themed Birthday

Party or Art party for all ages!


The most unique birthday party for kids that love art. Let us help you to create your own art themed birthday party, or choose from hundreds of samples in our files.  


Below: The birthday party girl, with the drawing she picked for her friends to all draw. She wanted to do a landscape drawing, so we offered her about 15 different images, at various skill levels to choose from. She chose to do oil pastels on canvas.



The first step: Everyone gets a canvas, oils and a picture of the artwork they will be creating.


Step by Step guided instructions insures that everybody regardless of experience will have fun and learn some new techniques.

 Since there will be more advanced artists, and beginners in every group,

this process allows everyone to work at their own pace, be it faster or slower.


Works in progress...



After about one hour

, some of the finished pieces...


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