Justin Womble (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Digital Recording, Voice, Drum, Composition) is an award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Raleigh, North Carolina who has over 18 years of experience in the industry. He is currently a guitar and piano instructor at Cary School of Creative Arts, and fronts the popular Raleigh original rock band, Modena.  Justin has also performed with members of legendary groups, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cry of Love, Skid Row, Great White, Styx, and more. Justin has been an instructor with Summer Quest for 8 years, and enjoys cooking and woodworking in his spare time.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your help with Eva. We can see so much improvement and confidence in this short period of time we couldn't be any happier. Dina is amazing and a great fit for my once shy little girl.  You were so right  when you matched them :) 
I am happy to share exciting news. Last week Eva auditioned for a Peter Pan Jr. role. She  was complemented for being well prepared and the director told us she had an excellent audition (Thank you Dina!) Eva was called-back for Wendy and was finally  chosen for Tinkerbell (which was the role she was originally hoping for).   As you can imagine she is gleaming with the news. "

Tom Hutchison (Keyboards, Voice, Composition, Illustration and Fine Arts) is a 1991 BFA graduate of the University of NY at Buffalo Illustration Department and the co-founder of Cary School of Creative Arts. He has worked as an illustrator for publications such as Texas Monthly, Boston Globe, Buffalo News and Raleigh’s News & Observer among others.  As a professional musician, he has toured with the progressive rock band Anarchy-X, and the fusion band Stratus. At CSCA Tom teaches music composition, digital keyboard, piano, Rock Band and Advanced Illustration. Tom is the head coach for his son's ice hockey team the Raleigh Thunder, and also enjoys boating, fishing, camping and skiing with his family. This summer will mark his 16th year teaching for Summer Quest at Cary Academy.



Chris Visi (Guitar, Keyboards, Digital Recording, Voice, Percussion ) holds a Master’s Degree in Music with an emphasis in MIDI/Synthesis, Percussion, Piano and Composition from Western Carolina University as well as a BA and BM both in different areas of music.  He currently works as an Associate Professor of Music at North Chris Carolina Central University in Durham, NC where he focuses his teachings in music technology, business and music and entertainment industries.  Chris began instructing for Summer Quest in 2014 with intro classes in Guitar.  When not teaching at NCCU, Summer Quest, or playing out with his band he enjoys snowboarding, lacrosse, surfing and any outdoor sport! 

Dina Altum was born and raised in Russia. She's been classically trained at the Music Institute in Kazan city from 1994 to 2002. She doubled majored in piano and voice. She participated in the school choir for 6 years touring throughout Russia and Europe during that period, along with attending various music competitions and concerts locally. After graduation Dina worked consistently from 2002 to 2006 with four students. Dina moved to the Outer Banks, USA in June of 2006. She relocated to the Raleigh are in 2011. 
 Dina is currently the lead singer and keyboard player with the 90's cover band "Doubt No More". She is also very involved in her church, Hope Chapel, in Apex and is enjoying her role leading Sunday worships. 
  Dina teaches piano (specializes in classical music and theory) and voice to students in a wide range of ages in Cary School of Creative Arts, mostly working with children. A big part of her life involves her two elementary school daughters and a step-son who is in college. She enjoys being a Mother and is actively involved in their school and extracurricular activities. Dina enjoys attending various open mic's in her spare time, and likes to give her students an opportunity to perform and acquire stage experience if they wish. 

Elijah Melanson   Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Bass, Voice, Drums, Saxophone, Clarinet, Composition

Kris Whitenack  Piano, Voice, Vocal Performance, Composition


Michelle Dunn is an award-winning, classically trained multi-genre flutist/composer, fluent in the areas of classical, rock, jazz, R&B, gospel, folk, and world music. Utilizing both metal and wood indigenous flutes, her fusion of diverse musical styles culminates in a rich electro-acoustic sound that has gained popularity in both the classical and non-classical music worlds. Michelle is the founder and executor of her own record label, production company, publishing company, and true to her “indie artist” nature and “do it yourself” attitude, she is self-produced and records almost exclusively on her “iZZatcho Music” label. Locally, Michelle is the piccoloist and board member for the North Carolina Film Orchestra (a recording ensemble), an active member of the Raleigh Area Flute Association and Neuse River Flute Circle, and flute instructor for the School of Creative Arts (Cary and Clayton locations).


Listen to CD: http://BornToFlute.com/AwakeningCD-detail.html


Watch video:  https://youtu.be/bIp2xOkjnrk


Angela Farlow Rumball holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Winthrop University. She has had the honor of singing as a featured soloist with the North Carolina Symphony, has performed in multiple opera productions with Triangle Opera Studios, and has served as an accompanist for multiple churches across North and South Carolina. She is currently a full time Vocal and Piano Teacher in the area, and also performs professionally. She is excited to begin her first summer with Cary Academy’s Summer Programs and has found a true joy in teaching music that combines her love of teaching others with her passion for music.


Karie Daley has a secondary education teaching credential in 3 states and a BA in Social Sciences from Santa Clara University, CA. She is a publisher with N2 Publishing in Cary, North Carolina. She has taught Art, Social Studies, and Language Arts in Wake County and has been a Fine Arts instructor at Cary School of Creative Arts for the past 3 years. Karie is a mural artist and her large scale works can be found throughout theTriangle. 


Kristin Schiffman is formally trained at The University of NY at Buffalo’s Editorial Illustration Department and has a Bachelor’s Degree of Art in Illustration.  She currently free-lances as a Graphic Designer/Editorial Illustrator with works published in the Raleigh News and Observer, Palm Beach Post, Buffalo News Sunday Magazine, Cary Christian School, and F-V Bengals Football League.  Kristin has been with Summer Quest for three years and lives in Fuquay-Varina, NC with her husband and twin eleven-year-old daughters.


Mike Sedito is a graduate of NC State University who is a full time professional guitar teacher and performer. Mike has over 10 years of guitar and band teaching experience, and has learned from and played with Gene Simmons (Kiss), Lita Ford (The Runaways), and Sabastian Bach (Skid Row). Mike has played over 1000 shows with many bands and is well known in the Raleigh Music Scene as both a performer and dedicated teacher.  His teaching ranges from playing by ear to reading music, jamming, recording, theory, and how to have fun while learning guitar and other instruments and the necessary techniques.   

Alice Reams is a former band director with 20 years of experience. She graduated from East Carolina University with a Music Education degree. Alice's passion is teaching beginning instrumentalists and students in their 2nd and 3rd year of instruction. She enjoys working with all ages. She teaches flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones, trumpet, baritone, trombone and snare drum. Alice lives in Durham with her family and enjoys reading, working in the yard and being outside.

Maria Young has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from VCU, and a Certificate in Education from University of Richmond with emphasis in Visual Arts. On her travels to Italy, Maria studied fine art under Italian masters; some of the classes she has taken include fresco painting, tempera painting, Renaissance ceramics, stained glass art, glass blowing, advanced drawing & painting and art history. Maria has also worked as an art conservator, restoring old oil paintings for major art collectors in the D.C. area. Maria is currently a licensed art and math teacher at Hopewell Academy in Cary, NC, and is very excited to share her love of art this summer!






Tom Hutchison (Piano, Digital Keyboard, Vox, Drums, Rock Band, Composition, Fine Arts, Illustration)





Justin Womble (Guitar, Piano, Digital Keyboard, Vox, Drums, Rock Band, Composition, Digital Recording)





Chris Visi (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Digital Keyboard, Vox, Drums, Rock Band, Composition, Digital Recording)





Kris Whitenack (Piano, Digital Keyboard, Vox, Drums)






Elijah Melanson (Guitar, Sax, Clarinet, Piano, Digital Keyboard, Vox, Drums, Rock Band )






Maggie Zargo (Piano, Digital Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, Vox )






Dina Altum (Piano, Digital Keyboard, Vox)




Eddie Chin (Fine Arts, Anime)





Dave Connors (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Digital Keyboard, Drums)





Chelsea Abad (Piano, Digital Keyboard)





Angela Rumball (Vox, Piano, Digital Keyboard)





Kristin Schiffman (Fine Arts, Illustration)




Jake Harrison (Guitar, Digital Keyboard, Piano, Digital Recording, Voice, Drums)





Darious Byron Cox (Drums, Percussion)




Mike Sedito (Guitar, Bass, Rock Band)




Maria Young (Fine Arts)











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